Where to find professional writers for hire

Where to find professional writers for hire

In today’s world where youth are gravitating towards the mantra: “Creating a job is better than finding one”. The internet has slowly morphed itself into a potential business avenue.

Today more than ever opportunities to start and run a successful business are abundant. The idea of working from home has a universal appeal.

New blogs and columns spring up like a wildflower, and more often than not; die as quickly. While the prospect of earning a million dollars from a blog is very enticing. Few make it to the top, and even less stick with it and, with the emergence of new bloggers, and new columnist; the task can be doubly tricky.

Blog writing requires: Meticulous researched and elegant writing but most importantly for a blog to succeed; it has to be not only better than it’s competitors, but it also has to be SEO optimised.

This is the part where most young and upstart bloggers fail. That is why as a professional blogger: my advice to you is to hire a professional writer.

There are significant numbers of marketplaces; where professional writers are just waiting to be employed. They bring with them experience and quality. This blog will help in identifying the best place to look for professional writers, while also recognising the many pitfalls that you may fall into while hiring a professional writer.

Where to find professional Writers.

The question I get asked most often is: “where do I hire a professional writer?” And let me tell you, in this day and age; nothing is more straightforward. There are some ways that you can go.

The most unreliable way is craigslist or other similar country-specific websites. You can find ads for “Writers for hire”. I say unreliable it is because in these type of situations you cannot be sure of the quality of the service. People tend to do a far inferior job. The writer for hire will in most cases tend to work less hard and will deliver a sub-quality submission. These websites have no method of leaving a review or feedback. So you cannot know what you are getting into, Writers will write a bland and unimaginative piece that satisfies the bare minimums of requirements. I cannot recommend this, especially if you are new and looking to hire a writer. I have in my later years found many excellent writers on craigslist, but generally, they prove to be the exception, not the rule.

The right option for a newbie looking for a writer to hire: is to frequent community boards and forums. There you will meet a ton of different writers, with the variable writing style. Not only is a lot more intimate but it also affords you a more personal connection. You can, depending on the rules of the particular chat room, choose some potential writers for hire and interview them at your convenience. The whole process will not cost you a nickel unless of-course the community has a membership fee, but you are guaranteed to find a writer there. You might have to look on more than one board and forum.

The most extensive spread option is an online marketplace. The major websites have a review or a feedback system, so the writer has an incentive to perform well, otherwise see there standing decrease, which may affect any future order. A common scam is writers tend to use these platforms to further there own agenda. They try to get recruited outside of the website, which should send alarm bells ringing. Some platforms have a system to safeguard themselves for the potential ramification of the action.

The internet is littered with websites/marketplaces that deal exclusively helping you find the ideal writer for your Gig. Some of the more common are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, iWriter, Nichebomb. There are a plethora of others, and new ones are being made every day. Almost every country has a dedicated market website for this nowadays, other than the ones just mentioned. These work on more of a global scale. You can’t wrong with choosing any of the sites for choosing your professional writer for hire. Where you can go wrong is: with the individual writer.

You can’t go wrong by picking any of them. I think that; a small but dedicated website like “Nichebomb” serves you far better than a bigger market website like “fiver”. The more modest sites have greater incentive to provide a higher quality service, as they have more to lose and most of the time they are far cheaper. Some of the more common ones are given below, while most of the market websites are the same. Only incrementally different from each other. Others direct a very distinct group of costumes :


Upwork is one of the significant marketplaces for costumers looking for writers for hire. Upwork offers it ’s, members a vast pool of freelancers ( close to 12 million people are on Upwork) to choose from, To give you some idea of the size of Upwork, close to a billion transactions are done on yearly. For all this Upwork charges you a small fee.


Freelancer is one of the most significant online marketplaces for anyone looking for a writer for hire, with close to 23 million sellers and buyers. It boasts one of the broader user bases in the world. More significant than the GDP of some small countries. You will have to navigate through the potential writers to find the one most right for you, but the vast number of users means that you will see an excellent blend of professional writers and new, and exciting prospects. The fee of freelance is generally speaking a lot higher than Upwork.


Fiverr is one of the more stablished sites in the marketplace for people looking for writers for hire and freelancers. It offers a unique set of diverse and exciting writers. Both new and old. You can browse the website looking for a particular writer or a specific ad (1500 words in 5 dollars) or you can submit your custom request and sellers will respond to it with details of price and why they are perfect for the project. Fiver takes 20% of the money that you pay to the writer.

Writer Access

There are many country-specific websites. Writer access is one of those. Writer access offers many of the same services as others but with one crucial distinction. The writers on writer access are Us based. So if you are looking to hire a native English writer for your blog. Head on to Writer access to check it out. The fees are not very expensive.


Textbroker is unique. While on other websites you have to find a writer or you have to submit an ad and wait for the writers to respond to it. In Textbroker you provide the ad, and the websites find you the options. This may not be ideal for some, but I have tried it in the past, and the experience was not at all bad.


These days I am currently using Nichebomb on and off. This is a small website. The quality of the service has impressed me. The writers are very dedicated and usually go the extra mile. They are just starting out, so they provide a better service at a lower price. If you are comfortable with a new writing service, then head on out there.

There are some other options that may or may not suit you. Another one that I highly recommend is to reach out to the writer of a blog that you like and admire. Most writers is usually quite willing to work on a side project that may earn them a little extra money. Even if they are busy at the time, they will recommend you to someone else.


Finding the right writer for you is quite a difficult task. You are by means only limited to the options discussed above. Social media is always an excellent way to find writers. Remember that seeing the right marketplace and a writer is only part of the job. Don’t limit yourself to only one marketplace and one writer. Try to explore different options before settling on one to achieve the very best results.

If you feel like the current writer is stagnating than remember that you have a wealth of resources at your disposal that is just waiting to be used. Find a new writer.